Latinx employees crusade for change and representation

Four board members of the Association of Latino Employees (ALE) stood proudly as they prepared to deliver their speech. President and founding member Carlos “Tito” Altamirano donned a shirt with the words “Educated Latino” emblazoned on the front. To their left sat the Board of Trustees, and to their right was the public—all were an audience to ALE’s first presentation to spark a collective conversation about equality, empowerment, and representation for members of the Latinx community at PCC. 

Student trustee candidates advocate for equity and diverse representation

In a forum Tuesday afternoon in the quad, candidates for student trustee explained their qualifications, motivations for running and how they will advocate for students’ interests if elected. The student trustee serves as a liaison between the Board of Trustees and PCC’s Associated Students. At Board of Trustees meetings, they represent the student body, holding the power to make and second motions, participate in discussion and have an advisory vote. The Student Trustee also sits on the Associated Students executive board in an advisory capacity. …