Amateur activist group behind Van Gogh vandalism lacks vision

2 people throw tomato soup onto a priceless Van Gogh painting, use glue sticks to attach their hands to the wall under it, shouting at passersby, “What is worth more, art or life?”. Seeing this immediately brings into question their intentions. Attention is an obvious, almost intrinsic one, but the real reason—environmentalism—is not. The pair involved in the Oct. 14 Van Gogh vandalism, 20-year-old Anna Holland and 21-year-old Phoebe Plummer are a part of Just Stop Oil, a youth-led UK environmental coalition that is working …

How can PCC better contribute to campus sustainability?

Californians around the state are missing out on up to $350 million in unclaimed recycling funds due to a lack of recycling centers in the last five years – only 68% of bottles and cans are recycled, which leaves the rest of the discarded household recyclables to sit in what is known as “recycling deserts.” In a report by Dustin Gardiner from the San Francisco Chronicle, a surplus has been built over the past couple of years because residents do not have access to recycling …

Would you kill a squirrel to ward off the plague?

Here’s a question you’ve never heard before: would you kill a squirrel to ward off the plague? They did nothing wrong, they’re just following their instincts in a society too complex for their little squirrel brains to understand, but letting the squirrel live might not be an option anymore. Rodenticide hasn’t been used in Pasadena since last year, but in some locations, trapping and relocation has become ineffective in reducing their populations.

PCC Eco fair: Change starts with the individual

PCC’s Associated Students (AS) hosted their first eco fair, Hippy Hop, at the mirror pools this past Thursday, consisting of educational workshops and informative booths by a vegan outreach group, an international humanitarian organization and members of the AS sustainability committee. The purpose behind the event was to educate people about the severity in which the planet is being destroyed. Event coordinator Samantha Salomon explained this further in her presentation about plastic and pollution. Salomon discussed the rapidly growing “trash islands” which are phenomenons in …

Alternative transportation is beneficial for us all

Cars are bumper to bumper in the parking lot, the occasional honking, and the pain of sitting behind the wheel for such a long time just to get to class, which can be very vexing when a majority of students are on a time crunch to get to class. Students sit in soul-crushing traffic for a time that feels like forever on their way to get to school when there are easier alternative ways to get around. They sit in cars during traffic right next …

Yes on 67

Voters in California have a rare chance Nov. 8 to make sure there are more healthy fish in the ocean than destructive plastic. Californians can ban single-use plastic bags statewide, once and for all and keep the charge for paper bags with the grocers, who are obligated to supply the bags.

Environmentalism standing against capitalism

When the British East India Company controlled India they pillaged its resources and contributed to mass famines. Just as The United Fruit Company directed the Banana Massacre with help from the U.S. and Colombian governments, using paramilitary assets to murder over 2000 striking workers. Even today Texaco lobbied the Obama administration to suppress an Ecuadorian court ruling to pay $8 billion for environmental damages caused by their oil development.