Undocumented student-activists need fellow students support

Members of the PCC community are fearful of being abducted from our collective home. These classmates who we sit next to, friends who we laugh with and staff members who we look to for help, are being threatened by a force that has the power to stalk, imprison, and exile. That force is the federal government under the Trump administration, a body which has variously proven it has no moral qualms about separating families.

DACA student fights for those in the shadows

In the early morning on the busy streets of downtown LA back in September, there was a rally put together by members of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) in the morning in front of the Edward Roybal federal building. There were people slowly driving by in traffic honking at the crowd and waving their hands showing support. Union members, community group leaders from various groups like Undocumedia, allies, as well as LA County supervisor Hilda Solis spoke at the podium, voicing …