Left behind: Is PCC prepared to evacuate disabled students?

In light of the recent school shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, disability advocates have voiced concerns over emergency procedures in schools across the country that do little to consider the needs of disabled students. Although PCC’s emergency guidelines include considerations for students with mobility and sensory disabilities, questions remain as to whether more can be done to ensure the safety of disabled students during emergencies. Much of the recent concern is linked to a standard emergency procedure called “shelter in place,” which …

Blind debater delivers despite self doubt

As Speech and Debate director Cindy Phu and head coaches Allan Axibal-Cordero and Jay Arntson were breaking down the syllabus, explaining events, and outlining upcoming tournaments on the first day of class, student Laura Davila listened nervously while already deciding when to drop. Her plan of escape was interrupted once introductory icebreakers started and she was required to introduce herself.