PCC clubs expected to struggle with remote elections

On April 28, Executive Vice President of Associated Students Christopher Theung released a series of guidelines for remote club elections to members of Inter-Club Council (ICC). These guidelines are intended to help clubs that plan to hold remote elections for the new officers that will be taking over in the fall. The guidelines contain recommendations about conducting an online election from planning to execution, including checklists, things to consider, and resources for voting. An example is also provided at the end of the document as …

COVID-19 campus closure cancels clubs

Since PCC’s campus closure, its usually crowded classrooms and packed hallways are now reminiscent of a ghost town. The rooms where club officials used to meet in droves to discuss the exciting events they had planned for the semester are empty. Students who were once able to participate in extracurricular clubs on campus are now left to entertain themselves in their homes, far from the hustle and bustle that once existed.

PCC Rosemead Club: ‘Small but mighty’

Two years ago, PCC’s Rosemead campus was devoid of any clubs at all. The campus usually consists of a little more than 2,000 students, all of whom are only there for about one to two years to take general and introductory courses. Student Christopher Theung felt that something was missing from campus life, that the student experience was lacking. Social and school events were constantly being held at the main campus, but event outreach to Rosemead was minimal.

Ujima fosters culture, community and creativity

People are gathered at tables, painting beautiful pictures of logos, nature and space. Doing art work together, with shiny, multicolored balloons floating around the room as the soundtrack of the movie “Black Panther” played in the background. It is only one of the many events happening this February, including African dances, black history game night, and a hip hop forum. The festival was sponsored by Ujima, Blackademia, and ASPCC and was located in the CC building. The Ujima Festival occurred on Thursday, February 28 and …

Women’s History Month highlights female empowerment at PCC

Women’s History Month in March recognizes the many and often overlooked steps women have taken to change the world around them. At PCC, programs and clubs on campus tailored to uplifting and motivating women are visible all year long. PCC’s Student Health Services not only provide bandages and pamphlets, but the school’s female population can also benefit from a variety of services. “There’s just general things that we offer, such as oral contraceptives, blood work and, as part of the health fee, it includes personal …