Toppling Big Tech: not an easy fix

Share: It’s no secret that big tech companies are slowly taking over the world, with Facebook now owning more than one social media outlet, Amazon bringing down all their competition because anyone with internet access can quite literally buy everything on their website, and Google also becoming the next big thing with their search engine, e-mail service, tablets and laptops. Follow:

Colgate Lasagna? Museum of Failure explains it all

Share: Ever felt like a failure, especially when finals are nearing? Felt down over a failing grade on your chemistry exam? Disappointed about your failed D.I.Y-inspired creations? Well, you probably haven’t experienced the total sense of failing when it comes to the “Museum of Failure,” an avant-garde pop-up exhibit located in the heart of Los Angeles’s art district. Follow:

Wonder women only: You mad, bro?

Share: As any superhero fan knows by now, Wonder Woman’s first live-action film appearance hit theaters last weekend and proved to be yet another box office hit from DC Comics, the same series known for superheroes like Batman and Superman. The Alamo Drafthouse celebrated the female-centered super-heroine film in a rather unique (and extremely justified) way — a woman’s only screening that apparently shattered the fragile masculinity of some men who were offended at the thought of women getting together in support and celebration of a …