NO FAKES Act will protect artists from being swindled by AI

Share: The last few years have been rife with conflict and staggering developments in artificial intelligence technology. Two subjects that seem to go together hand in hand far more often than not, especially of late. From the horrific wars decimating Ukraine and Palestine, to the now months long disputes in Hollywood between the studios and their workforce, AI still manages to rear its ominous head, highlighting the chilling implications that come with such effective yet powerful technology.  Following the studios’ petulant decision to walk away …

‘Fresh Brews’: Get woke and buzzed

Share: Skylight Theatre Company and Emerging Arts Leaders Los Angeles teamed up with Angel City Brewery to bring “Fresh Brews,” theatre that emphasizes on relevant topics that are stirring up in the media. Skylight, located in Los Feliz, California is recognized for expanding the boundaries by creating acts that touch on what some would consider sensitive topics and adds their own twist. Follow: