If a student on campus is raped, the college has a responsibility to do everything it can to help any student who reports the incident to them. The college should be acting in the victim’s best interest, not in the best interests of the college’s image.

Colleges shouldn’t be able to wait a year or hide it all together. When a student reports a rape or any kind of sexual assault, the college should immediately report it, if that is what the victim wants.

“This bill would provide that the written agreement shall also require any report of a Part 1 violent crime or hate crime received by a campus law enforcement agency to be immediately reported to the appropriate local law enforcement agency if the victim consents, and forbid such a report absent that consent,” according to leginfo.ca.gov.

This is a bill that is long overdue considering the statistics of rape reporting.

The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) reports that one of the most under-reported crimes is sexual assault, at 60 percent unreported.

Of the 40 percent of rapes that do get reported to the police, 10 percent lead to an arrest, eight percent get prosecuted, and four percent lead to a felony conviction, according to RAINN.

According to a survey completed by the National Institute of Justice, there is a lot of confusion for colleges to comply with the existing legislation, the Clery Act. The study confirmed that only 37 percent of colleges that participated in the study fully comply in reporting crime statistics.

The study stated that many of the schools that participated in the study did not have a sexual assault response policy.

Student safety should be a top priority at colleges. If a college does not have a clear policy to follow for reporting incidents of sexual assault, then student safety isn’t one of their top priorities.

This bill would require colleges to immediately report sexual assault, which is a clear policy that any college could follow with no problems.




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