PCC will not offer free flu vaccines this year to students who have health insurance and supplies meant for uninsured students have yet to arrive, a school official said.

However, this should not affect insured students since all insurance companies are now required to cover preventative healthcare services, including vaccines.

Generally, each year PCC gives away 800 vaccines, but due to a delay with the manufacturer, it is undetermined whether it will be getting the requested amount from Pasadena Public Health, according to Jo Buczko, coordinator for Student Health Services on PCC

“The only change we’ve made is to reinforce that [the students] who have health insurance can use it to get their vaccine elsewhere while what we procure through the student health fee and public health can be made available to student who would otherwise go without,” Buczko wrote in an email

Buczko said she intends on making this new change in procedure permanent because insured students have access to free vaccines through their insurers.

What is certain is there will be enough vaccines, at the very least, for 300 people. That means: if you’re uninsured and were relying on getting one these free vaccines offered by PCC, it may be a little more difficult this year.

Since PCC doesn’t ask students for their health insurance information, it’s unclear how many students are uninsured. However, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 14% of Californians are uninsured.

There are still plenty of other places still offering free vaccines in Pasadena, though their supply is limited. Both the South Pasadena and Altadena senior centers will be offering them on Oct. 8 and Oct. 9, respectively. They will also be available in the Hill Avenue Library as well as the Pasadena City Library. There is more information available in the Department for Student Health Services in the D building, room 105.

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