Colleges from all over the state and across the country were on campus Monday in the quad as part of the school’s annual University Day.

University Day at PCC exposes students to various academic programs and to the institutions offering them. These events provide students the opportunity to meet with admission and outreach staff and departmental representatives.

“The director of transfer services, Dina Chase, did a great job getting representatives from schools across California,” said Seth Franklin, nursing. “There are even out of state schools here today, I’m a little surprised. I didn’t expect to see any out of state schools here today.”

The usual local colleges were on campus from UCLA to Azusa Pacific and Loyola Marymount University. Out of state colleges were also represented like the University of Nevada and Seton Hall University, which is located in Orange, New Jersey.

For students like Erica Stewart, nursing, having options is always a key to figuring out what college to attend.

“I’m looking at Cal State Los Angeles or UCLA,” said Stewart. “UCLA has always been a dream school of mine, but I know without scholarships it can be very expensive. Cal State Los Angeles is my other option because they have a good nursing program, and it’s close to home.”

Beginning Oct. 1 students interested in transferring or applying to any UC or Cal State university for the fall 2014 term are allowed to do so.

Although transferring may be a year or two away for some, students like Stephanie Marquez, nursing, are still grateful for the opportunity University Day offers.

“As a nursing major I’m very interested in Loma Linda University,” Marquez added. “I’m still a year or two away from transferring, but I’m glad PCC has University Day because I’m able to get free and important information that I otherwise wouldn’t have.”

Students like Maria Mancias, engineering, are looking to move away from home, but Mancias admits she doesn’t want to go too far.

“I’m looking at the UC’s for now,” Mancias added. “I was thinking either UC Irvine or UC Riverside because they’re far away, but still in state. I’m excited because I see Riverside is here.”

The college application and transfer process can be a very draining experience; however, PCC students took part in University Day with stride and optimism, not letting the heat in their way.

“It is hot out here.” Stewart admitted. “But my future is very important and I’m trying to get as many advantages as possible. I’m appreciative PCC gives us the opportunity to speak with different representatives.

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