Monday, February 26

A verbal altercation took place between a staff member and a student in CC-105. An officer was dispatched and made contact with the persons in question. The situation was resolved.

There were reports of a woman walking in the middle of Colorado Blvd. An officer arrived at the scene and could not find the subject.

A staff member requested police assistance in resolving a matter when a student was getting argumentative with a professor. The situation was resolved.

A report came in that there was a person smoking marijuana in their car next to the Child Development Center on Green Street. Police arrived and were unable to locate the suspect.

An officer was requested by Pasadena Police to assist with a suicidal subject north of the Forum. The subject was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital for treatment.

A cadet at the Community Education Center advised a transient in the men’s restroom on the second floor. They were escorted off campus by Officer Gonzales.

Tuesday, February 27th

Police are involved in an ongoing investigation in a possible sexual assault that occurred in September 2017 in Parking Lot 5.

A student slipped in the stairwell of lot 5. They were escorted by police to the medical center for a possible leg injury.

A student reported that their car was damaged by another vehicle whose driver did not leave details.

Wednesday, February 28th

Reports came in of a male subject yelling inside of L-114. Officers contacted the suspect, counselled him and released him.

A transient was found showering inside the men’s restroom at the Community Education Center and was escorted off the premises.

A female subject reported that she was followed by a male suspect in their car at the Community Education Center. No one was found.

A female student reported that their cell phone and earbuds were stolen during a nap in the Library. No one has been apprehended.

Staff members reported that their furniture had been moved and someone had been using their office without permission. No one had been found.

A transient was escorted off the premises of the Community Education Center.

Reports came in of a male and female yelling at each other inside a car in lot 4. No one was found.

A female felt faint and was asked to be transported to the medical center. They were assisted by police.

Two transients were escorted out of the women’s GM-building locker room.

A woman threw up near SV-1. She declined medical assistance.

A staff member reported that they hurt their ankle during a fall in the C building between the 2nd and 3rd floor stairwells. The subject declined medical assistance.

Thursday, March 1st

A transient was escorted out of the lot 5 elevators.

A student reported that they were being followed by a male suspect. An officer made contact with the suspect, checked for warrants, counseled and released him.

An officer was flagged down when a male subject was complaining of chest pain. Paramedics arrived, but the subject declined transport to a hospital, insisting that a friend take them.

Friday, March 2nd

No activities were reported.

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