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Monday, October 6

A solar umbrella sustained damage after being backed into by a truck near the bungalows around 8am.

The Community Education Center suffered a campus-wide power outage shortly after 9am. The outage lasted approximately 20 minutes.


Tuesday, October 7

A man was spotted washing himself with a fire hydrant just north of the L building around 3pm. He reportedly left the area after soiling himself and contaminating the hydrant.


Wednesday, October 8

Shortly before 11am, a student reported that a dark-skinned Hispanic man followed her from the Quad and approached her in the library.


Thursday, October 9

A staff member in the R building needed minor medical attention after injuring her finger in a door around 4pm.

A man was reportedly gratifying himself in a CC building men’s room around 5pm. Although the man was gone when police arrived, his attitude was described by witnesses as “bad.”


Friday, October 10

A woman was taken to the hospital after suffering a cut above her eye from a plastic dolly handle near the President’s office around 2pm.

Pasadena PD detained an intoxicated woman after she was reportedly acting unstable at the Community Education Center around 7pm. The woman was eventually released to her parents.


Sunday, October 12

Campus police contacted staff member Gary Abraham after they found that he was working in three classrooms in the Science Village with three non-students just before midnight. Abraham reportedly has a history of working in Science Village classrooms late at night without notifying anyone, and was told by police to notify the dispatcher when he opens a classroom and when he leaves the area.

Compiled by Daniel Johnson

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