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Monday, October 13

A man was reportedly taking upskirt photos in the Library around 6pm. Police said he was actually taking side photos of females.


Tuesday, October 14

Child Development Center staff reported that an irate woman was yelling at them regarding her son around 9am. The woman then headed toward Dr. Robert Bell’s office before campus police spoke to her and saw that she left campus.


Thursday, October 16

Pasadena police officers came on campus to serve an arrest warrant on a student in the R building around 7am, campus police assisted.

A woman reported that a man in his 20’s was following and yelling at a green SUV in parking lot 5 around 9am. Campus police report that the situation was resolved.

Two men were hitting lights with a soccer ball in parking lot 5 around 2pm. They were advised by campus police to leave the area.


Friday, October 17

A bicycle was reported missing from an area north of the Science Village bungalows around 3pm. Campus police took a report.


compiled by Daniel Johnson

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