Though the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles remains closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the museum has debuted free, never-before-released digital programs from its archives for us, staying at home, to enjoy.

For the first time in Grammy history, the Grammy Museum, along with its President Michael Sticka, have combined endless years of music, history and art into daily-updated virtual blogs. Found on the museum’s 6-page “Museum at Home” site, viewers can search through this hub to find a collection of lessons, sit down interviews and virtual exhibits. The exhibits range from all music genres: pop, hip hop, soul, R&B, country, opera, disco, ranchera and more.

Whether you’re just a fan or an aspiring musician, down time during quarantine can be used to follow along with the museum’s daily updated segments to continue immersing in music education during the time of the museum’s closure.

“Our doors may be closed, but our mission is not,” announced Sticka in a YouTube post in mid-March.

World-renowned artists such as Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, Andrea Boccelli, Los Tigres del Norte, Brett Young, Brandi Carlile, Kool And The Gang and Greta Van Fleet, sit down to speak of past times, music appreciation and their work as artists

“Music is the message in our lives in many ways, and we have been blessed to be together, doing what we do for so long, our jazz, our funk,” said the Kool and the Gang’s lead vocalist James “J.T.” Taylor after celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary.

Speaking of her music process and creativity, Billie Eilish specified about how strenuous music production can truly be, alongside her producer-brother FINNEAS.

“For my song ‘All the Good Girls to Hell,’ [FINNEAS and I] both had very strong feelings about what the intro should be,” Eillish said. “FINNEAS wanted [the intro] to be the chorus refrain, but I wanted ‘my Lucifer’s lonely’ to be the beginning of the song. That was our ongoing fight for months yelling about it!” she added.

The Grammy Museum has dedicated easy to navigate, weekly scheduled releases for its specific virtual exhibits, interviews and music lessons. Blog schedules are are as follows:

Sunday and Tuesday: Music Education Lessons and Activities
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: Opening Public Program Archives
Thursday: Member Engagement Nights
Friday: At-Home Exhibit Exploration

An impressive feature on the Grammy website is the museum’s online music and video production classes updated on Sundays and Tuesdays. From the comfort of one’s home, site viewers can choose from several classes designed for both beginners and experienced learners, including 3 levels of a video production class and 3 levels of classes on electronic music production so far.

“There’s no separation between electronic music and acoustic music,” reads the Intro to Electronic Music Production Lesson 1. “It’s all one thing. Each song has its own heartbeat. Each song has its own soul.”

Sponsored by the Grammy Foundation and Buy Teen Tech Center, the electronic music production videos allow site visitors to create projects from a given template, explore the interface of the software, solo and mute tracks, and change and explore the sounds and settings for a drummer track.

This helpful resource displays the step by step navigation through the IOS GarageBand app, making visual learning to musical loops and drum beats easier than imagined.

“We’ve got our count off selected, we’ve got our metronome selected, let’s hit record!” narrated Nathan Adam, a professor of audio engineering at Belmont University.

A separate exhibit titled “Revisit” includes the stories of the late and greats, “Jenni Rivera, La Gran Señora,” “WHITNEY!” “Sinatra: An American Icon” and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Popular Music and the National Pastime.” These time-capsule like memoirs pan the outfit displays, instruments, grammy awards and lives of the ever cherished artists and figures that have passed on.

“I believe that now more than ever, while we’re all being responsible and practicing social distancing, nothing can bring us together more effectively than the power of music,” said Sticka.

For more updates on the Grammy Museum’s latest schedules, click here to visit.

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