Transferring from a community college to a four year university can be scary and terrifying. Not knowing what schools to apply to, what requirements must be met in order to apply to certain schools and estimating how much money a student will spend can be daunting to research, but thanks to University day, that sense of fear was brought to an ease.

Instead of having to get in contact with college representatives online, University Day at Pasadena City College (PCC) gave a unique opportunity for students to interact with a multitude of colleges near and far from the Los Angeles area to understand what colleges have to offer, as well as asking a variety of questions to the representatives that are vital in choosing the right college. All within the vicinity of the quad.

Students flocked to the quad area where tables were set with banners in front and representatives in attendance to answer and provide information to why students should consider transferring to their college. The process of choosing the right college depends on a variety of questions that relate to tuition cost, housing, financial aid, acceptance rate and many more.

Student Megan Santiago always wanted to go to UC Santa Barbara and decided to TAG it, but attending University day opened her options up to more schools.

It’s definitely more insightful to look at all the other colleges that I can possibly go to because it’s more helpful to see your options,” said Santiago.

The experience that students take away from University Day can be very informative in the aspect of listening to what colleges have to offer and then making a decision based on what they’ve heard and researched online months in advance before sending out their applications. Finding the perfect school that offers everything that a student wants is no easy feat, as expressed by Kinesiology major Justin Wright.

“I just want to be at a university that fits me best,” said Wright. “As to where I can strive in my major and when I graduate, I can have the connections to start my career.”

Not only was University day for students who are ready to apply this fall but it’s also an insightful way to gather information for those first year students who are looking to apply next year.

Although it’s not time for first year Christina Chavez to apply, going to University day did help her gain a lot of knowledge on schools she didn’t know existed and the schools that she is planning on applying to next year.

“I didn’t even know that I wanted to apply to Occidental College but after talking to them I thought I should give them a chance just to see if I can get in and how much money they would be willing to offer me,’” said Chavez.

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