Video: With the U.S. debt ceiling, can we raise the roof forever?

Share:   As the debate over the U.S. debt ceiling heats up and the GOP keeps mounting pressure on the administration, we asked PCC economics instructor Dr. Rebecca Johannsen to help us make sense of it all. “The U.S. has a pattern of having more spending than what they are bringing in in income every single year whether there is a recession or not, so it’s called deficit spending,” says Johannsen. Deficit spending, she explains, forces the government to borrow money to cover their expenses …

School spirits: Get cultured in PCC’s new wine tasting class

Share:   HOSP 005 is the fundamentals of enology, sensory evaluation and beverage appreciation where students get to taste and critique alcoholic wines, beers, and spirits. Hosted by certified sommelier, professor Mark Keene, Ph.D, whose worked for the Disneyland Resort including Club 33, California Adventure’s The Vineyard Room, and many more. Class is held Mondays and Wednesday at 10:30 AM in room V-213, and still open for new students.   Follow: