The digital editor’s daily beat

Share: Reporters will get through any barrier as long as it means getting the story. However, it’s the editor-in-chief who is always one step ahead of the game in order to keep the attention of multi-tasking readers. Being ready for anything would be the one necessity all past editors-in-chief of the Courier can agree on. Since its inception, the purpose of the Courier has been to deliver news to students written by PCC’s next generation of young journalists. Like any clique in college, the journalism …

Rust Never Sleeps

Share: In addition to international war coverage, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and interviews with notable diplomats and world leaders for 35 years, PCC Distinguished Alum of 2010 David Rust has also garnered two Emmy Awards, been the subject of book interviews, and has had a CNN exhibit of his own personal collection and archive of memorabilia, artifacts and historical documents gathered during that time. Follow: