See something, do something: Combatting sexual assault at PCC

Share: For years, claims of sexual assault have been making headlines accusing powerful men in entertainment, politics and colleges around the country of rape and sexual harassment. With all the attention on the topic and calls to stop sexual assault, PCC’s Student Health Services (PCCSHS) held 3 events throughout last week to provide Lancers with strategies to prevent sexual assaults on campus while also creating a safe learning environment. Follow:

Police Blotter: A male was arrested for an assault on campus

Share: Monday, February 25 A transient was reported on Lot 1. Officers escorted the transient off campus. Graffiti was reported in the men’s restroom in the R building. Officers inspected the area and took vandalism report. Transients were reported in the mirror pool. Officers found one transient, no action was taken. A female was reported stealing from the campus bookstore. After officers communicated with library employees, it was found that theft did not occur. Student reported hit a run on Lot 4. Report was taken …