Another reason not to drink Pepsi

Share: Now I’ve never been a Pepsi fan. Given the choice, I’d take a Coke every time. I’ve also never understood why a large majority of my generation is obsessed with the Kardashians. But if I thought I despised them before they trivialized decades of civil rights protests and the recent Black Lives Matter movements in a mere two-and-a-half minutes, I surely loathe them now. Follow:

Associated Students: Standards of Student Conduct updates

Share: Was on the BoT meeting for approval or ratification but AS requested more time because they felt like students should be in charge of approving it Associated Students was not able to have representation at the College Council meeting when the Standards of Student Conduct were passed (no student presence because students were unavailable — not the fault of the committee) Associated Students wanted to have the chance to review the Standards before they were officially passed “Our student trustee has reviewed them preliminarily, …