The Castle Green: escape the reality and enter the history

Share: Old Town Pasadena has always been known by its historical buildings and the way it encompasses the enchanting atmosphere of the city. However, there is one establishment that stands out among the others by its architectural beauty and mystery. The Castle Green is a separate world in the heart of Old Town where time has come to a standstill. Passing by this place, it’s hard to guess whether it’s a hotel, an apartment complex or just an ancient building with historical value. After taking …

Lancer Marching Band celebrates football season end

Share: Thursday morning started as always at Pasadena City College: the campus was filled with exhausted and half-asleep students walking to their classes or waiting for their next class, and some who were already heading home. All of a sudden the rhythmic and booming sound of drums filled the air and promptly caught everyone’s attention; the Lancer Marching Band had started their performance. Follow: