Halloween doesn’t have to be just scary; it can also be very cute. Seeing a Yorkshire terrier or a Maltese wearing adorable Halloween costumes is truly adorable and definitely more of a treat than a trick.

The Dog Bakery in Old Pasadena hosted an event for dog owners on Oct. 30, where people could dress up their pets, join the parade and even win prizes for best costume. Even the rainy weather in the morning couldn’t ruin the experience.

The dog parade started at 10 A.M., where the dog lovers walked around Old Town with their pets dressed up as pirates, unicorns and even Vikings. After the parade, the costume contest began back at The Dog Bakery. There were three size categories for the dogs and another group category comprised of the owners plus the dogs that the judges had to choose a winner for.

There was a couple, Mikael and Shelly Anderson, who with their dog Cozmo, dressed up as an ice cream sundae, won the group category. They said they were inspired by their love to sweets. As a result, they got the first place and it was their first time participating in the Growl-o-ween.

“A few weeks of thinking and we decided exactly what type of outfit we were going to wear, since it had to tie into food and desserts,” said Mikael and Shelly Andersson.

The event was an opportunity for the dog lovers to socialize with each other and it seemed that even some of the dogs made friends there as well. Whether people went there with their pet, their family and friends or just by themselves, the event was delightful for everybody.

For some of the dogs it was the first time they ever entered the competition, however, there were also some who have been participating in the event every year.

“We come here every year, and this is his third time being a winner. This time we decided to look Mexican, because we are Mexicans. It was my wife’s idea. We went to Mexico last summer so she bought a sombrero, she bought a little serape and she made it,” said Gabriel Madera with his dog Chester. “Every year the competition gets harder and harder, because this year I saw a lot of very good costumes, so it’s very challenging, so we have to think very carefully.”

Though a lot of costumes were really good, not everyone could be a winner. However, The Dog Bakery didn’t leave anybody unsatisfied. Every dog received a goody bag of baked treats and different samples. The winners got a bag of DOG for DOG DOGS FOOD, and also a bag of Plato Pet Treats, so at the end everyone was happy.

“I’ve been doing that for 10 years and it gets bigger, bigger and bigger. Now we have a whole panel of judges, and so that way it’s a bunch of people picking who wins,” said the owner of The Dog Bakery Rocky Kanaka. “Last year we had the cutest superman. A lot of the times it’s not even a costume, it’s just a pet, or a pet and a person, that just makes it all come together.”

The Dog Bakery has different locations in Los Angeles. In Pasadena the store is located at West Colorado Blvd #3 Old Pasadena CA 91105.

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