New art showcased in the Computer Learning Center

Share: Coming home from middle school, if she would notice her mom working on an art piece, it would be a special and rare moment for her as a daughter because of her mom’s busy schedule that prevented her from doing art on a daily basis. In this case, she would look over her mom’s shoulder and see her mom working on a Stippling piece in the making, which is a moment she would cherish and what inspired her to do art herself. Follow:

New folk art exhibit illuminates Valentine’s Day

Share: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and in honor of this loving and bonding holiday, a new art exhibit, “Hearts and Flowers”, displaying many different types of folk art, has opened at The Folk Tree from January 26 to March 2. Valentine’s Day is holiday filled with joy and passion and that much shown through the art. Much of the exhibit is filled with a mass collection of Mexican Folk pieces that come from different areas of Mexico like Oaxaca, Michoacán, and Jalisco. …