From South Korea to PCC: One students journey

For Yooneui Joo, the trials and tribulations of moving to a brand new country was a daunting experience at first. From feeling lonesome countless times to being treated differently, Joo experienced more lows than highs during the start of her journey. Born in South Korea and growing up in Seoul, Joo, 21, barely knew a lick of English. She did know two things, however. Joo knew she had a love for jewelry design and had a desire to experience different cultures and different people. “I …

Betsy Devos, the decentralizing demon

Betsy DeVos has made waves throughout her tenure in the Trump administration (figurative waves, not the literal ones made by her $40 million tax-free yacht). Her beliefs about the role of government and education are shocking, considering she’s the Secretary of Education. But, they are also right in line with the no-regulation, businesses-take-all approach of her authoritarian boss – hence her job. But, just like her boss, her platforms are inherently unhealthy for our country.