Police Blotter: Man challenges people to fight

Share: Monday, Feb. 29: Four people were stuck inside an elevator in the R building. The faculty was able to help and release them without problem. A man and a woman involved in a verbal confrontation in Lot 5 were escorted off campus by Officer Robins. A man was challenging people to fight him in Lot 8. Officer Robins confronted the man and escorted him off campus. Tuesday, Mar. 1: A student scraped his knee, causing him to bleed. Cadets assisted him with the injury. Wednesday, Mar. 2: …

New director to overhaul financial aid

Share: Students have expressed frustration about the financial aid filing and disbursement process ranging from lengthy wait times to receiving refunds, inconsistent information from counselors and not fully understanding the process. PCC’s new financial aid director, Manuel Cerda, hopes to remedy most if not all of these issues during his tenure. Follow: