AS official aims to involve more students

A big ball of energy with a faux hawk seems to be the best way to describe Joseph Garcia. The faux hawk is solely for aesthetic purposes, but if one is going to get students interested in campus activities, energy is of utmost importance.”I saw myself doing campus activities,” said Garcia, a 22-year-old theater major who is also the Associated Students Vice President of Campus Activities.

EDITORIAL: Tuition fee increase is unfair

The 40 percent increase in community college fees has become a nightmare come to life. Students must lick their wounds and pay the extra $10 in a tough climate that calls for budget cuts. Despite the high income cutoff for fee waivers and the various federal assistance programs available to students, attending community colleges under these circumstances will now most definitely leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth.

Obama picks warfare over welfare

For just over two years now, the “savior” president has been in office, and none have found salvation, or even comfort in him. And if they have, it is for what he falsely represents, not what President Obama has done.What nailed the final seal into his coffin of failure was his own admission of blame in trying to defend his and the U.

Miming helps actors hone craft

Professor Whitney Rydbeck helps actors get better at their craft using what he calls physical vocabulary to teach mime. Besides being fun and entertaining, he said performers taking mime learn to have control of their body and posture, and actors to have a physical character, and improvisational artists how to play different ages and animals.

Artist in Residence inspires crowd

What it means to be an artist, let alone one in the 21st century, is a heavy question that Daniel Joseph Martinez, PCC’s 25th Artist in Residence, urges every creative soul to ask themselves daily.As he paced back and forth in the Vosloh Forum on Monday night, Martinez dove head-on into a nearly three-hour lecture discussing the enormous transition from the industrial to the digital age.