PCC reopens after power outage

By Courier Staff March 16, 2019 0

UPDATE: 3/18/19: The PCC Colorado campus reopened for classes Monday. A rave alert was sent to students this morning notifying them of the news. (more…)

Title X change and lawsuits’ impact on PCC

By Alexander Trimis March 21, 2019 0

Lawsuits filed by the State of California and Planned Parenthood regarding the Trump administration’s change to Title X could significantly impact Pasadena City College (PCC) students’ ability to receive family planning services. (more…)

To save money on future, PCC looks inward

By Matthew Brown March 7, 2019 0

Pasadena City College’s (PCC) new Superintendent/President Dr. Erika Endrijonas announced a new Educational Master Plan (EMP) last month that would use in-house resources rather than hiring outside help to guide the school’s future endeavors. (more…)

BankMobile directly transfers funds to students

By Christian Aguilar February 27, 2019 0

PCC and BankMobile have been collaborating the past few semesters to distribute financial aid, scholarships, grants and other funds directly to Lancer reducing wait times and paper checks that come with receiving funds from PCC’s…

EOP&S: Helping students go above and beyond

By Christian Aguilar December 16, 2018 0

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) at PCC, has been helping socially and economically disadvantaged students achieve their education goals since it was first implemented in state colleges in the spring of 1970. (more…)