‘Coexisting with the Cougars’ webinar advises humans on adapting to wildlife

Southern California harbors refuge for nearly 10 million people, yet we must not forget about the countless animal species who consider it their home too.  California Cougars are a majestic breed of mountain lion that has made their home in the California foothills for centuries. They continue to dwell amongst us and coexist despite the occupation of their territory. Unfortunately there are times when coexisting does not guarantee a harmonious liaison and there have been reports of unpleasant encounters between the two.  A non-profit organization …

Would you kill a squirrel to ward off the plague?

Here’s a question you’ve never heard before: would you kill a squirrel to ward off the plague? They did nothing wrong, they’re just following their instincts in a society too complex for their little squirrel brains to understand, but letting the squirrel live might not be an option anymore. Rodenticide hasn’t been used in Pasadena since last year, but in some locations, trapping and relocation has become ineffective in reducing their populations.