Rocha retains severance with new settlement

After a Los Angeles Superior court judge nullified former Superintendent President Dr. Mark Rocha’s severance package last April, ruling that Rocha and the Board of Trustees violated the Brown Act by not listing his severance package negotiations in closed sessions, the district signed a new settlement agreement with Rocha allowing him to keep the $403,826, along with the $16,000 in legal expenses negotiated in his original severance package agreement.

Evaluation Highlights Disconnect Between Faculty and President

An evaluation circulated among full-time faculty earlier this semester has found that a vast majority of faculty believe PCC President Mark Rocha’s job performance is severely lacking in many areas. The survey found that 82 percent of faculty polled gave President Rocha the lowest rating possible when it came to promoting participation by all groups in planning and shared governance structures. Eighty-one percent gave Rocha the lowest rating possible when it comes to fostering an environment conductive to productive collective bargaining negotiations, while 79 percent …

Board rejects second chance for winter intersession

The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve a calendar without a winter intersession, despite being met with strong opposition from protestors sporting winter attire who were kept locked out of the meeting by campus police. Protestors said police refused to let them in saying the room was filled to capacity. However, the board meeting which was held in the Creveling Lounge, had seats available throughout the evening.