State of California will no longer fully fund U-Building project

Share: The progress to get work done on the Armen Sarafian Hall (also known as the U building) has been dealt a number of blows in recent weeks. The full support of the project from the government has been derailed, and the school is hoping that the state will change its mind before the May Revise when the governor’s proposed budget from January gets an update before it is signed into law by the end of June. Follow:

Board approves once in a lifetime budget

Share: The Board of Trustees unanimously adopted a “once in a lifetime” budget for the 2015-2016 year last Thursday which included significant one-time funding, on-going funds for full-time staff hires, and no new student fee increases. Assistant Superintendent Robert Miller explained the budget is unique due to the “sheer magnitude” of its revenues, which reach almost $150 million. Because of Governor Brown’s conservative approach to producing the state budget, the state’s actual general fund revenues greatly surpassed its estimates, creating one-time funding opportunities for schools. …

Hiring headaches

Little to no progress has been made by PCC in filling the 35 new full-time faculty positions—a number that was agreed upon back in November—as the software being used to collect and evaluate applications, Cornerstone, has been automatically rejecting applicants due to a number of severe glitches.