PCC prepares for national school walkout in support of Parkland shooting victims

Tomorrow morning, PCC will be participating in the national school walkout which is both a memorial in honor of the victims of the Parkland shooting and a protest against current gun laws. According to EMPOWER, the youth branch of the Women’s March group who created the event, more than 2,500 organizations across the nation and some internationally plan to participate. Students are encouraged to leave their classes at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes, in recognition of the 17 deaths at Stoneman Douglas High School. After …

Editorial: It’s time we stop letting children be casualties of the gun debate

American gun culture is unique in its glorification of toxic masculinity. That in addition to the stigmatization of mental health and the almost ubiquitous access to military grade weapons is an amalgam that gives rise to constant instances of gun violence all over the country. As these egregious acts of violence increasingly move into classrooms, legislative inaction is branded with debates about arming teachers.