13th: From slave to criminal with one amendment

Cries of shock and gasps of disbelief echoed off the walls from students who watched stock footage of a black man being pushed, kicked and beaten by a mob of white men. The voice-over of current president Donald Trump from his campaign rallies intermingled with the footage stating, “Knock the crap out of ‘em would ya? In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very very rough and when they protested once, you know they would not do it …

The war on drugs does more harm than good

  Among the many wars that America has been involved in over the years, the war on drugs has perhaps had the largest and most negative effect on civilian lives to date. Rather than protecting people from the dangers of life-threatening drugs, the continuation of criminalizing virtually harmless recreational drugs has only increased incarceration rates and ruined the lives of casual, nonviolent users.