Instagram’s ‘unattainable beauty standards’ torment students

In a society where the internet is a large part of daily life, as well as a popular vessel for media consumption, it is important to be wary of how exactly the internet is affecting those who use it. Frances Haugen recently shed a light on the discrepancies between Facebook’s public statements versus how they actually conduct business behind closed doors. Critics are bashing Facebook for choosing profits over morality and overlooking damaging content because it could mean less user interaction, and consequently less income, …

Zuckerburg helps Trump ‘spread lies and misinformation’

Facebook has been making headlines recently for its political advertisement policy that makes it easy for politicians to lie on its platform. The company has been greeted with backlash and accused of amplifying disinformation, hate speech, and violent content. Facebook’s refusal to police political speech makes way for lies and false information to appear.