Rocha retains severance with new settlement

Share: After a Los Angeles Superior court judge nullified former Superintendent President Dr. Mark Rocha’s severance package last April, ruling that Rocha and the Board of Trustees violated the Brown Act by not listing his severance package negotiations in closed sessions, the district signed a new settlement agreement with Rocha allowing him to keep the $403,826, along with the $16,000 in legal expenses negotiated in his original severance package agreement. Follow:

Not so fast Mr. Rocha

Share: The severance package that was awarded to Mark Rocha upon his retirement has been a huge point of contention since the news broke in August. But just when it was beginning to look like the Mark Rocha versus the world saga was just starting to come to an end, more fuel has been added to the fire. The non-profit group Californians Aware is accusing the Board of Trustees of violating open meeting laws by not properly referencing any action to offer Rocha the package …