Men’s basketball aims high with a freshman-filled team

The men’s basketball team will enter the upcoming season with only a handful of players that have experience on the Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium’s hardwood floor. The Lancers will be without some key pieces of last season’s team. Sophomore guard Dejon Williams was a large part of the team’s offense and averaged 15 points per game shooting 41 percent from the field, but he won’t return.

PCC’s 6′ 7″ center hails from Nigeria

For Faruk Oyalade, basketball was not his first love. With an background in soccer in Nigeria, and having earned a brown belt in Karate, Oyalade chose to apply those learned skills and practiced agility in the new sport of choice, which was further fueled by a rapid growth spurt. In a three-year span, he shot up five inches to his current 6 foot 7 inch height. “I’ve been playing basketball since I was 15,” says Oyalade. “I was 6′ 2″. I was playing soccer in …