COVID-19 campus closure cancels clubs

Since PCC’s campus closure, its usually crowded classrooms and packed hallways are now reminiscent of a ghost town. The rooms where club officials used to meet in droves to discuss the exciting events they had planned for the semester are empty. Students who were once able to participate in extracurricular clubs on campus are now left to entertain themselves in their homes, far from the hustle and bustle that once existed.

Popular professor returns with doctorate and philosophical discourse

“I don’t know what it means to be a professor,” Shane Underwood told me. We were sitting in his office on an early afternoon of spring semester 2017 with about four other students crowded in on whatever available chairs they could find. Others stand in the doorway or spill out into the hallway, playing live action Frogger trying to stay out of the way of the passing professors. The low light from the desk lamp, the mini fridge and TV monitor on the walls conveyed …