Astroworld: A tragedy four years in the making

Far from the days of N.W.A. and Wu-Tang Clan, rap mogul Travis Scott exists in an era of rap music that increasingly strays from its strict, hip-hop roots. Harboring a professed love for indie-folk artist Bon Iver, 1985 cult-classic The Breakfast Club, and frequently fueling his creative process in the studio by throwing up vintage cartoons on a flat screen, it’s the blithe makeup of Scott’s personality, a genuine commitment to being himself, that creates his allure. He’s the certified weirdo, who off his talent …

Australians rocked L.A.

With only a few minutes left, everyone was hastening to grab a drink and find a spot on the floor. All of a sudden, the lights dimmed and at this moment, everyone knew that it was time. One second the crowd was silent and then the next they were cheering. Members of The Jungle Giants were in position, the crowd was again immediately silenced as blue lights reflected off each member. Then the next two words began the night, “Baby, I.” The Jungle Giants opened …

Carlie Hanson: Pop music’s fresh-faced phenom

“There’s no fucking way she’s only eighteen” pierced through the rowdy crowd at The Wiltern this past Saturday night, as the opening act of Bad Sun’s Mystic Truth Tour worked her way into yet another compelling song. With a band comprised of only a drummer and a bassist (who also doubles as a keyboardist), young Carlie Hanson danced around the stage, mesmerizing not only her own fans, but also those in the audience, who before that night, had never even heard her name.

Concert percussion brings the rhythm

Patrons stepping into the Westerbeck Recital Hall on the night of November 14 were greeted by a wide variety of instruments completely covering the stage. Tad Carpenter and the Concert Percussion Ensemble would soon come out on the stage and use every one of those instruments to create a wide variety of sounds that filled the hall with rhythmic beauty A quick glance at the various drums around the room is all one really needs to understand the purpose of each different instrument. The small …

A not-so-spooky Halloween

On Halloween this year, while some people were off listening to some hard hitting EDM at Escape All Hallows’ Eve, a small audience made their way to the Westerbeck Recital Hall to get a taste of a very different kind of music. Piano, oboe, and the melody of dozens of voices created an incredible sound when the Pasadena City College choir groups performed their Fall Choral Recital.