Quarantine comfort cookies TikTok style

Share: As social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic becomes our reality for the unforeseeable future, finding ways to pass time isn’t always simple. Sure, bouncing between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds isn’t a bad excuse to pass time under the circumstances of being in a global pandemic, but how about switching up media content comfort to kitchen creativity? The world of TikTok food accounts can help with just that, as well as the creation of these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. TikTok has now become …

Chocolate or vanilla: a difficult choice made easier

Share: Within the friendly battle between chocolate and vanilla lovers, single origin ice cream maker Choctál is making it extremely difficult to choose one over the other. But purists in either camp will surely agree that flavor is not lacking in any of the four chocolate and four vanilla varieties that the Pasadena company has put great care and research into. Follow: