‘Faculty shouldn’t have to worry’ about bot scam, Instruction VP says

Nearly two months after the start of fall semester, PCC along with community colleges across the state continue to investigate the motives and consequences of the attempted Financial Aid scam that took place. Assistant Superintendent and Vice President of Instruction, Laura Ramirez, who has been with the college since January 2021 and first became aware of the predicament that spring, claims that the issue has been a recurring one, only exacerbated this time by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. “The fact is it’s nothing new to …

Stable tax rate will aid classmates and teachers

Popular hobbies of students here include spending hours refreshing the PCC Book Sale Facebook page, moaning “I need this class,” upon every class registration season, and hunting for events on campus that include free food. These scenarios prove how college is a true test of money management. Voting ‘no’ on Prop 55 ultimately asks for these episodes to continue.