As COVID cases go down, we should open up

There have been good signs as of late for the United States. COVID cases are not as high as they were and positivity rates are as low as they could ever be.The state of California is at an all time low rate for the virus, with 1.3 percent of daily tests coming up positive. However, the question is should we rush to open up the country? The answer is yes and there are multiple reasons for this answer.

Crucial moment in supporting Black-Own Businesses

Diversity is essential because it uplifts communities, promotes productivity and spirit, and helps the economy to grow. Especially in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is a crucial time to support the movement through supporting Black-owned businesses. There’s a history of big companies oppressing small businesses and putting a heavy burden on low-income communities. That is why it is important to support your local Black-owned businesses. Pasadena has restaurants that are black-owned like Bonnie’s B Smokin, Perry’s Joint, and many more (hyperlink to …

Reopening may not be as bad as we thought

The United States has over a million cases of COVID-19, according to the CDC, but the states should help small-business owners and reopen now. The money that was meant to help these small companies was claimed by several bigger companies, such as Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc., a real estate company that owns over 100 hotels across the United States. Only 15 of the 245 public companies that applied for at least $905 million returned $116 million to the Paycheck Protection Program so far. According to …

Hurting small businesses goes deeper than just financial issues

COVID-19 has been striking the world with panic and rapid change. Now people are no longer only worrying about their own and the public’s health. On Mar. 16 Los Angeles County officially ordered for most public places deemed non-essential to be shut down, from restaurants and bars to movie theatres and even gyms. Cue the economic struggle for employees and employers alike.