Racism and rebuke: An email reveals ‘all lives matter’ faculty

This story has been updated to include a statement from Marc Angelucci on his status as an honoree from the Southern Poverty Law Center. PCC found a moment of unity in the midst of troubling times when college leadership unanimously passed the resolution denouncing the killing of unarmed Black individuals, but responses to an internal email quickly drew outrage at two professors for their views, according to a partial thread obtained by the Courier.

Political Dissident: Otto Warmbier happens every day in the US

It’s been heavily implied that Otto Warmbier was killed by North Korea for stealing a sign. Comments about how barbaric and cruel North Korea is have flooded social media; condemnations about how a man shouldn’t have been given a death sentence for stealing and how regimes like North Korea go against U.S. values are in huge supply. While what happened to Warmbier was a terrible tragedy, I can’t help but notice the hypocritical tone and rhetoric surrounding his treatment and death.