Millennial Mija: Podcast host turns past pain into power

Share: “I knew this was something,” said feminist artist, author, teacher and performer Angela Aguirre. “I didn’t know what it was gonna be but … I surprised myself because the only time I’m confident is when I’m doing a poem or speaking some type of message like that or being empowering towards other people but in my regular daily life, you know, I’m pretty insecure about a lot of things and so I think it gave me kind of this super power that I didn’t …

LA professional curates PCC pieces for juried show

Share: Student artists, parents and friends gathered in the gallery in mass crowds to admire artwork from many types of mediums. Blood on canvas, sculptures, paintings and photography decorated the tall white walls. Guests snacked on cookies and cake while marveling at the art. Chatter filled the room with “congratulations,” and loving hugs greeted artists in front of their displayed creations.  Follow:

How the writing center gave voice to an artist

Share: The crisp February morning fog settled in as Baylie Raddon, an english major at Pasadena City College, began preparing for the long day ahead. Thirty miles stood between Pasadena and her house in Rancho Cucamonga. It should have been a forty minute commute but the 210 freeway was in a traffic jam, as expected. It was the beginning of the 2019 Spring semester and everyone was scrambling to find their place.  Follow: