Political Dissident: White Amerikkka is a terrorist organization

Share: “When the anonymous black person enters the white space, others there immediately try to make sense of him or her—to figure out “who that is,” or to gain a sense of the nature of the person’s business and whether they need to be concerned … Accordingly, the most easily tolerated black person in the white space is often one who is “in his place”—that is, one who is working as a janitor or a service person or one who has been vouched for by …

Islamophobia in an age of progress

Share: More than a decade after Al-Qaeda tore down the World Trade Center and massacred almost 3,000 people, Islam is still viewed by many with fear and suspicion. Islamophobia—the dislike and prejudice against Islam and Muslim people—is on the rise in the United States even as the nation progresses toward becoming a more tolerant and accepting society. Follow: