Campus Police Chief Placed on Paid Administrative Leave

Share: PCC officials have confirmed that Campus police Chief Don Yoder has been placed on paid administrative leave, but the details of why the decision was made have not yet been made available. “Other than confirming that Chief Yoder is on paid administrative leave, I cannot comment on personnel matters,” said Gail Cooper, PCC General Counsel. “We must respect the laws that provide for confidentiality and privacy of such matters.” Yoder replaced Stanton Perez as Chief of Police in January 2013 after Perez resigned due to …

Public Health Director Placed on Leave After Pulling Out of PCC Commencement

Share: The city of Pasadena has placed Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walsh on paid administrative leave after videos surfaced online of Walsh’s controversial religious sermons, according to a statement by City Manager Michael J. Beck released earlier today. Walsh recently cancelled an engagement to be the speaker at PCC’s 2014 commencement ceremony on May 9 amid questions about whether or not he was publicly approved by the Board of Trustees. Walsh was scheduled to be the speaker after Oscar winner and PCC alumnus Dustin …

Evaluation Highlights Disconnect Between Faculty and President

Share: An evaluation circulated among full-time faculty earlier this semester has found that a vast majority of faculty believe PCC President Mark Rocha’s job performance is severely lacking in many areas. The survey found that 82 percent of faculty polled gave President Rocha the lowest rating possible when it came to promoting participation by all groups in planning and shared governance structures. Eighty-one percent gave Rocha the lowest rating possible when it comes to fostering an environment conductive to productive collective bargaining negotiations, while 79 …

To leave the nest or not?

An 18th birthday is supposed to be one of the major milestones in a young person’s life.
The 18th birthday grants many new rights and responsibilities. At 18, a person can own property, apply for military service, serve on a jury, purchase tobacco and pornography, and drive unrestricted in most states.
But the 18th birthday can also be a source of anxiety for some, as they are expected to embrace the title of adulthood that has suddenly been dropped into their laps.