When you walk into a thrift store or vintage shop, your initial thought isn’t a wall covered in punk t-shirts and posters, but at Meowmeowz! it is their norm. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by the employee and by New Order blasting in the background and suddenly you feel like you’re on set for “Pretty in Pink.”

Meowmeowz! is conveniently located a little over a mile away from campus on Colorado Boulevard and was started by PCC alum Veronika Sorrow in October of 2009. Since then it has been very successful due to its niche vintage appeal.

Sal Sandoval, an employee at Meowmeowz!, stated that people often call the store and are usually looking for something specific so this little store means something to people even outside of Pasadena. They have original vinyl pressings, original cassette tapes and CDs. It is a piece of heaven for any record or music artifact collector.

The record prices range anywhere between $4 and $40. A 7-inch Fleetwood Mac record was marked only 9 dollars, but some other larger and rare records were marked 30-40 dollars which seems reasonable granted they are actually original and rare records. The cassettes and CDs are much more affordable compared to the records.

However, Meowmeowz! is not just known for their records, cassettes and CD’s. They have a large selection of vintage and new clothing. A large portion of their clothing seemed to be band t-shirts that Sandoval stated is mostly new. Then they’ve got 70s, 80s and 90s style clothing that range anywhere from 5-50 dollars. The pants seemed to be the most expensive item of clothing. The shoe selection is particularly unique. They have thick platform boots that take you back to the 90s and a variety of Creepers, perfect for any goth’s closet. Some of the shoes are on the expensive side but if you buy them used, prices went down. They have a decent 25 percent off rack, however the downside of it is was that is was mostly women’s or feminine clothing.

This unique shop brings in nostalgic music and fashion lovers together to find all their needs and collectibles. It is definitely different than most of the thrift and vintage stores in Pasadena and the surrounding area. Meowmeowz! is deserving of a 9 out of 10 rating from a vintage and 80s music lover.

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