Queer Eye is back yet again for a third season of makeovers, heroic stories and more fierce catchphrases. Get the box of tissues ready because this season is a tearjerker.

The Fab 5 is a group of five gay guys who go house to house, city to city giving guys and girls makeovers. Not only do they give them a physical makeover, they also give them a mental and emotional makeover while also transforming their house and diet as well.

For those who don’t know who The Fab 5 are, they are Karamo Brown who tackles culture, Jonathan Van Ness is in charge of the grooming. Antoni Porowski makes the diet changes, Bobby Berk is the interior design expert and Tan France who is still the Fab 5’s fashion guru.

Jonathan Van Ness and Bobby Berek in my opinion are the highlights of the show. Van Ness is the mold of the show because sure everyone else in the show has character and personality but man oh man this man has the best personality out there! Then there’s Bobby, who in my opinion doesn’t get enough credit for what he does. The man completely transforms a whole house from the bottom, up to something out of an Ikea magazine

Season three has to be the best season yet. In this season they do a lot more women compared to the last two seasons where it’s nothing but males. It’s so much better to see them makeover more women because now the women who watch this show can get a sense of what different styles they can try.

The group once again provides assistance to individuals who live on different ends of the cultural spectrum. No matter how different they are from the people they are helping, they manage to connect with every single person in a personal way. In every episode, naturally, each of the people they make over finds some common ground with the Fab Five, proving that, as Antoni puts it at one point, “People are people are people.”

The political and social themes of the first two seasons, which often paired the Queer Eye gang with conservative types who had little experience around gay men, or, alternatively, gay and trans people, are largely absent in season three. The closest this season gets to a political moment is when Tan and Jody, the woman who hunts in her spare time, have a conversation about gun control and realize they agree with each other.

It was nice to see more a sensitive and personal side of the individuals that were being made over. Episode three was the tear jerker that set it off. We see the Fab 5 makeover a still-grieving father whose wife died of cancer and vows to honor her memory by moving forward with their two young sons. The following episode as well is another tear jerker. They make over a young lesbian who is struggling with her identity and was kicked out of her house because of her sexuality.

If you’re not in the mood to watch something gory or scary, then grab a glass of wine or margarita, and watch the Fab Five do what they do best.


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