As we practice social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak, people are finding themselves stuck inside. Restaurants, bars, movie theatres, theme parks and many other public gatherings are being shut down. Concerts and festivals weren’t safe from cancellations either, but musicians haven’t been halted by the outbreak.

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Artists such as John Legend, John Mayer, Chris Martin and Pink have begun hosting Instagram Live concerts to stay connected with fans and provide them some relief from being stuck indoors.

“I’ve never done this on my phone before… As promised I’m pant-less, I have a robe on,” said Legend when kicking off his 50 minute Instagram concert.

From large festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach to small local ones like the Minor League Music Festival in Pomona, they have all faced cancellations. While Coachella is a huge festival with the luxury of rescheduling to October, smaller festivals and band’s individual concert tours are postponed indefinitely or cancelled altogether.

Minor League music festival, which was set to take place at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, was cancelled and has begun refunding tickets. However, the cancellation didn’t stop the music, instead it led to “Stream Fest.” Bummed almost-attendees were not left music-less.

“Due to the cancellation of our festival Minor League Music has decided to move online! From March 13-15 we will be doing takeovers and live streams of the bands from our lineup,” said Minor League Music on a post from their Instagram page.

The festival featured live streams on Instagram of five local bands including Lacker, Kicked off the Streets and more. Fans were able to get the joy of watching a mini concert while not breaking social distancing regulations.

Other local bands are not letting their cancelled tour dates stop them either. Some have been playing special Instagram Live sets to replace their live shows. And as self quarantining continues more and more bands, just as big name artists are doing, are taking part in staying active with their fans.

“To help facilitate all your self quarantine and social distancing needs [we’re] going live…” said local band, Sadgirl, on their Instagram page.

Musicians are finding more ways to interact with their fans while they are forced to be apart from them. Some have begun to provide their fans with music lessons on how to play their songs.

Bands who were set to play at Coachella such as Chicano Batman, along with local bands who had their individual tours cancelled like the OC Hurricanes, Tropa Magica and Sadgirl are just a few that have begun livestreaming guitar lessons on Instagram. Sadgirl’s Instagram Live series is called “Quarantine Lessons.”

DJs will also be taking their sets to instagram live amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Local DJs at Cumbia Fever, an event usually hosting multiple DJs at La Cita Bar in DTLA, will have Instagram Live sets starting Mar 19. These DJs among many more all over Instagram will be providing music to everyone itching to be out dancing.

Fans can expect big names and local artists to continue providing live content as the quarantine progresses. People are not sure when live music will ensue, but for now fans and artists can connect online.

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