The beauty of spring is in bloom at PCC making the campus a welcoming oasis amid the hustle and bustle of campus life. Student life can be hectic day in and day out as students busy themselves to better themselves.

PCC campus landscape, which has been established for years, is home to a myriad of trees, plants, flowers, bushes, shrubs and succulents which provides the campus with beautiful foliage abound. All of this foliage, including the beautiful rose gardens situated throughout the campus, inspire an atmosphere of peace, serenity and natural mood elevation. As you travel through the campus on any day you can see students relaxing, socializing and some camped out on the green lawns with books and papers in hand.

Tony Casillas is one of seven campus gardeners at PCC, along with an irrigation specialist who uses a collection of methods, materials and equipment to propagate, cultivate, prune and care for the campus plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, and lawns.

Tony Casillas is a PCC student, gardener, and irrigation specialist on campus.
Eugenia Gardner/Courier


When asked who designs the landscape, who picks the flowers and plants, and who decides which plants go where, Casillas stated that when it comes to designing new landscape and planting new flowers, it’s a collaborative effort between Dave Thomson the grounds supervisor and management, as well as input from gardeners like Casillas.

They establish which flowers are in season and since it is spring, they are looking at perennials, a plant that lasts at least two years and annuls a plant that completes its life cycle in one season.

Casillas, who is the union president and a Communications student at PCC says that overseeing campus beautification processes is their contribution to student success. If the campus and grounds are beautiful, Casillas says, students are able to relax and get work done in a calm and serene space.

Eugenia Gardner/Courier

This goal of tranquility for the campus has been a collaborative effort between management and the gardeners. Some of the more popular flowers and shrubbery you can expect to see this season are IceBerg Roses and other unique and eye-catching variations. Water Conservation actually plays a factor into what types of flowers as well which works in tandem with PCC’s Green Initiatives. Casillas and his colleagues welcome feedback and suggestions from students on what they would like to see beautifying the campus.

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