A mixture of classical to contemporary, Laufey brings heartfelt authenticity to modern music. Laufey, an Icelandic-Chinese singer-songwriter and composer, strays away from the typical pop sound. Her music feels like a mixture of Chet Baker and a beautiful lullaby that is filled with comfort and love.

My first recommendation is “Magnolia”, a song that is an ode to a beautiful person who still finds insecurities about themselves and longs for another Magnolia cycle that plays with the concept of not being good enough for yourself. With its serene sound, magnolia might be a lullaby so warm and so pretty that this song will enclose you in a bubble away from all the chaos around the world, a slight hint to love yourself.

In a interview from “From the Intercom” Laufey mentions

“My whole reason for writing Magnolia was–I was thinking about how this other girl that I know was so beautiful,”Laufey said. “So perfect, and she doesn’t even know it. And she’s probably looking at some other girl or person too in the same way.”

Laufey’s discography goes beyond “Magnolia”, In her 2021 EP Typical of Me “Like the Movies”, one of my favorite songs, she tells a tale of two strangers that meet in a bookstore and fall in love, a theme familiar to that of the helpless romantic. “Like the Movies” is a narrative-like song that brings you along on Laufey’s romantic movie-like fantasies on an everyday basis. It starts with a muffled piano playing an upbeat melody, harmonizing with a trumpet. It’s like being in a Woody Allen movie set in New York City with the love of your life. Immersing yourself in the song, it brings you to a jazz bar with a black grand piano, red lights around and a spotlight shining on Laufey.

Classical music has been underplayed in the last several years, with its sub-genres of musical fandom, the genre is only appreciated by those who play classical music. Laufey mentions she started playing the piano at four and she started playing the cello at eight. By the age of 16 she started to appreciate Jazz.

Laufey, whose mom is a classical violinist and her grandfather who taught violin, was the inspiration for her sound. This classical influence, Laufey is a great catalyst that will push new audiences to appreciate classical music.

Every Sunday, Laufey goes live on Instagram to showcase new songs, old songs, and covers. Her passion for music and her talent is definitely showcased but what’s most interesting about Laufey is her Icelandic background. With influences of Icelandic and classical music she’s bound to perform something new, even sometimes singing Icelandic songs.

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