As “Euphoria’s” season two came to a close, fans were left wondering what happened to the original plot. Main characters faded into supporting roles and huge plot twists were completely dropped from the storyline all together. With “Euphoria” averaging about 16.3 million viewers each episode, the holes in the plot had no chance of going unnoticed.


What Happened to Laurie?

In Episode 3, Rue is on a search for affordable drugs to satisfy her addiction. After her “genius” business plan was turned down by her own dealer, who doubles as her friend, she takes her business elsewhere. She finds herself in the home of Laurie, a huge drug dealer, who then gives Rue a suitcase full that she was responsible for selling and profiting off of.

“Rue, if you screw me I’ll have you kidnapped and sold to some real sick people. I always find a way to make my money back,” is what Laurie told Rue after their deal.

Viewers have yet to see this threat come to life in any form whatsoever. After this episode Laurie is surprisingly never mentioned again. After Rue’s episode-long mental breakdown, she returns the next episode getting help from her family while trying to rehabilitate herself. $10,000 of drug supplies lost, yet without mention of how the family dealt with the problem. Rue is in good understanding of what happens to those who don’t follow through with drug deals, yet doesn’t appear to be haunted by her broken promise to the wrong person.

Perhaps Sam Levinson, the director, is saving this event for season three but the lack of coverage has left viewers confused and unsatisfied.


Kat becomes a supporting character?

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Throughout season 1, we watch Kat discover the world of sex-working and self-discovery. Her shy, insecure character shifts into a confident icon. She played a huge role in season 1 but season 2 had her standing behind Maddie most of the time. One of her only significant scenes in season 2 was when she broke up with her boyfriend Ethan.

“He [Levinson] just dropped that scene with Kat and Ethan in there with minimal context and then ignored them for the rest of the episode,” Carey wrote on Twitter.

Fans were confused about her character’s lack of significance and were disappointed to see how unimportant her character had become. The fact that her only real conflict had to do with her boyfriend felt unsatisfying to see. She had so much personality and the second season missed out on peeling back the deeper layers of her arch story. There are rumors that Barbie Ferreira, Kat’s actress, had many disagreements with the director which may have led to her character’s decrease in screen-time. According to Glamour she did not show up to the show’s second season premiere while the rest of her cast mates all attended.


Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO. Courtesy of WarnerMedia.

Lexi’s play tells the future?

Throughout season two Lexi is preparing a school play written by herself called, “Our Life.” In the season finale viewers get to watch the play and the drama that is carried in due to its upsetting parallel to the students’ personal lives.

“Euphoria’s” unique directing can sometimes leave viewers confused as the timeline jumps around, often from present to past. After “Our Life” is performed Rue calls Lexi to tell her what an amazing job she did with the play. They end up hanging out and having a heart-to-heart conversation about their past traumas and essentially making amends.

What is confusing is that this scene also appears at the end of her play. If the conversation about the plays impact on Rue happened after the performance, then how did it appear in the play? This scene just simply did not make sense. The drama and excitement of the finale episode was not enough to mask the inconsistency of the play and the timeline.


The third Jacob brother?

The pilot episode of “Euphoria” showed a picture of the Jacob family where they have 3 sons on multiple accounts. However, the youngest son is never mentioned verbally and the characters never allude to his existence. The lack of coverage on this character made it feel as though it was a mistake with the production, but season two has fans even more confused than before.

Cal, the father of Nate, abandons his family but takes their family portrait with him. If the third son was just an error, then the production team would have probably taken him out of the photo by the second season, yet he continues to be in the photo.

In an interview with Jacob Elordi, Entertainment Weekly asked him about the whereabouts of his character’s younger brother.

“We haven’t seen him. I don’t know where he went. I have no idea. I had the same questions when I got to work. I was like, “You do realize that there’s a different child in this picture?” And everyone just didn’t really say anything. I don’t know,” Elordi said.

Fans and the cast have no clue who the character is or whether their story is going to be told at all.


Why are there so many inconsistencies?

Zendaya, the actress for Rue and executive producer for “Euphoria,” opened up to The Cut about how most of season two was completely scrapped.

“There are very few things that remain in the version you’re now seeing,” Zendaya says, “the things that didn’t make it definitely needed to die.”

Perhaps the fact that the script was completely different than what was originally planned attributed to the inconsistencies, but regardless fans were left wondering what happened to the characters and why some things just didn’t add up.


Why is it still popular?

Despite “Euphoria” lacking a consistent plot line, the show continues to have a large following and millions of dedicated fans. “Euphoria” offers the viewers a unique cinematic style, makeup design, clothing and talented acting. “Euphoria’s” influence among social media users is unmatched. Within minutes of an episode’s release, the internet is flooded with memes and spoilers no one can avoid. Fans are able to relate to the character’s due to the diverse and unique personalities seen throughout the show. “Euphoria” proves that plot line isn’t everything when it comes to creating a popular show.

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