The women’s water polo team suffered a crushing 16-4 defeat at the hands of the Cerritos Falcons on Wednesday afternoon.The Lancers were unable to respond to Cerrito’s barrage of goals with the first half of the game ending, which ended 11-1 in the Falcons’ favor. It wasn’t until the second half when they switched sophomore goalie Sharon Perez and put her in the pool that the Lancers began to step up their game.

“The second half was all the starters and we definitely know how to play with each other a lot better than the [substitutes],” Perez said. “I also need to learn to not be afraid of the ball when playing goalie.”

Coach Terry Stoddard says part of the reason for the devastating loss was the injury of two starting players.

“Our goalie is out with a concussion and we lost a player on Saturday to a concussion as well,” Stoddard said. “It takes the chemistry away.”

Cerritos’ sophomores Carla Harvey and Celeste Ibarra single handedly dominated the Lancers, scoring 12 goals between the two. Harvey had seven and Ibarra added five.

Sophomore Stephanie Velasco said the reason Harvey was able to dominate the Lancers so easily was because of the bad chemistry in the water.

“Whenever I saw [Harvey] she had one of our least experienced players covering her,” Velasco said.

As for what they need to do to prepare for their next game, Perez says the substitutes need to step it up.

“They need to step it up but I have faith in them that they will,” Perez said.

The Lancers next game is on Wednesday, Oct. 22, against El Camino College in Torrance at 3 p.m.

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